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Adventure in Sámara

This package is definitely for those who like to take life to the fullest and add a bit of adventure to their vacations; if you wish to do any of these activities ask the recepcionist for more information.

Option 1:

Excursion to Isla Chora and Stand Up class for beginners

Nice and suitable for ages 7 and up! SUP is a new sport that is experiencing a worldwide boom and has its roots in Hawaiian heritage. Most people find this sport easier than surfing, which explains why SUP is such a popular holiday activity. The incredible views that you will enjoy from the bay of Playa Samara will make you wonder why you had not practiced SUP before. The beaches of Samara and Carrillo have calm waves, ideal for starting your Stand Up Paddle adventure.

The lesson includes a safety briefing and instruction on techniques for learning the sport. After familiarizing ourselves with the basics, we will practice in the sea and paddle to Isla Chora, a lonely island of white sand and hermit crabs.

Option 2:

Kayak and Snorkel Tour to the beautiful Chora Island

If you have dreamed of kayaking to a tropical island with white sands, this is your choice. After a refreshing ride among the waves, you will arrive at Isla Chora and escape to a relaxing underwater world. Here, you feel the freedom to do whatever you want. You can snorkel with tropical fish, play in the crystal clear ocean waters, or relax and sunbathe.

Option 3:

learn to surf

If you are a beginner, you will learn the basics, such as how to paddle, stand up and turn correctly on the board. Your safety and ensuring a safe and fun browsing experience is our first priority.

If you already have some surfing experience, we can show you more advanced techniques to improve your performance. The guides have been surfing since childhood. With these surf experts, you are sure to be riding waves in no time.

A fun 2.5 hour beginner surf course to learn the basics of this exciting sport.

Option 4:

Dolphin Watching Excursion and Snorkel Tour

If you have never seen a dolphin or a whale, this is a great opportunity to observe them on this tour. The North Pacific is a well-known spot for sighting many species of marine mammals. We will sail from 3 to 15 kilometers off the coast of Samara and Carrillo beaches to find these noble animals. You may get lucky and spot spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and humpback whales! Take advantage of the presence of marine life in Costa Rica.

On the way back to the coast, we will stop at the shores of Isla Chora, a beautiful beach full of hermit crabs, iguanas and white sand. You can cool off in the clear blue sea while enjoying the marine fauna. Beneath the surface lies a world of colors and tropical life.

Option 5:

Kayaking, wildlife and bird watching tour

Explore the abundant wildlife of the Buena Vista River in Playa Samara, Costa Rica. As you kayak through the mangrove tunnels, you will marvel at the diversity of nature. Guided by our bird expert, enjoy the company of great blue herons, anhinga, roseate spoonbills, and maybe a few crocodiles. After observing tropical birds and listening to their songs, the tour ends on the shores of Buena Vista beach. This dark sand beach is the perfect place to kick back and reflect on your big day. For nature lovers and ornithologists (bird watchers), this tour represents the best that Samara has to offer.

Option 6:

Mountain biking on the beach (necessary information) mountain

A mountain bike tour, which offers bird watching, is one of the most exciting activities in Playa Samara. If you like to bike through dirt roads, groves and small hills, the mountain bike tour is for you. This route offers magnificent views of different local trees and wildlife such as monkeys, birds, raccoons, coatis, anteaters and other dry forest species. This tour lasts 3.5 hours.

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